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GolfOnline + Callaway X-Hot + Joe Miller

Golf is one of the worlds most prestigious and popular sports, with leading brands, players and personalities having an inherent global reach through year round media coverage.  So when Callaway approached the one of the UK's leading golf retailers,, to exclusively launch their exciting X-Hot driver with long distance champion Joe Miller, we were called in to help tell the story.

We placed on our creative effort on blending the classic "features and benefits" pitch of the product with Joe Millers story whilst allowing GolfOnline to lead the narrative.  As a Guinness World Book of Records holder and Callaway figurehead, distance driver Joe could speak on both the hardware and a sensational way to use it.  The GolfOnline brand was also woven in by having one of their team members offer technical customer centric questions to Joe about himself and the product.

Part One:  Introducing all three brands

Production notes:

  1. The video has a fast moving pre-roll delivering the retailers brand first
  2. Opening line reinforced GolfOnline's slogan "Going that extra yard"
  3. Early part of the video establishes Joe's credibility and story
  4. Product promotion and Callaway's involvement clearly stated to respect the audience

Part Two:  Tips between golfers

Production notes:

  1. Established the feel of two golfers chatting as they would during a round of golf.
  2. Less emphasis on action, more on the pre-shot technique and advice
  3. Callaway brand more subtly carried through clothing logos

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This website aims to take no more than five minutes of your time.