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Building Brand Audiences

Content marketing specialists focused on brand extension for the e-commerce, technology and professional services industries.  We ask the questions, generate the ideas and implement the strategies to build your audience online.


This website aims to take no more than 5 minutes of your time.

The Creative Content Agency has created a simple framework known as ‘the four P’s of content’.  We deploy the thought process below, in varying degrees, for each campaign we are involved in.


  • Research the kind of content your audience find engaging
  • Decide what message needs to be distributed
  • Review the best forms of media to carry the message
  • Consider the resources required for production and hosting
  • Fine tune tracking, ROI levels and integration into current initiatives


  • Create prompts such as briefs, scripts and bullet points
  • Choose a location which complements the recording if producing rich media
  • Review and iterate as your create if possible
  • Edit and render the content ready for distribution
  • Ensure all stakeholders are consulted for sign off


  • Host the content in front of its target audience
  • Make sure the content is accessible via all necessary devices
  • Consider physical distribution of the content
  • Track engagement across all published locations


  • Inform your audience of your content
  • Make it easy to share the content virally
  • Attach to existing communications
  • Make the content easy to find for prospects unfamiliar with your company

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This website aims to take no more than five minutes of your time.