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GolfOnline + TaylorMade + Play Golf London, one of the UK's leading golf retailers across web and in-store, were looking to offer short qualitative reviews of their new lines.  In this video, Creative Content Agency brokered a location deal with Play Golf London to cross promote them with the launch of a premium TaylorMade Iron.  This is a two-camera, one location, review of the the TaylorMade iron.  This format was picked up by GolfOnline and scaled out to the review of other premium brand line products such as Nike, Wilson, Callaway, Titleist and more.

GolfOnline + Nike

Nike partnered with, one of the UK's leading golf item retailers, to launch the Nike VRS driver direct to consumers.  Creative Content Agency were brought in to produce a series of videos with an editorially driven narrative, allowing GolfOnline to build authority in reviewing the product, whilst offering classic features and benefits to the viewer.

GolfOnline + Wilson Golf + Sophie Horn, one of the UK's leading online and in-store retailers worked collaboratively with premium brand Wilson to promote the new fitted iron series.  Wilson pulled in their spokesmodel Sophie Horn to figurehead the campaign and Creative Content Agency were asked to design the campaign for across various digital channels.

Video One: Sophie Horn's backstory recorded in-store

Video Two: The competition launch

The Fragrance Shop + Rays of Sunshine + Royal Albert Hall

The Fragrance Shop (TFS), the UK's largest independent retailer of fragrances, recently hit a milestone of £200,000 in customer donations for Rays of Sunshine, a UK charity granting wishes for terminally or severely ill children.  Ahead of a huge scale celebrity fund raising concert featuring Olly Murs, Pixie Lott, Alesha Dixon, The Fragrance Shop were asked to create a brand video tying in their association with the charity.

Creative Content Agency were charged with creating a feel good video that would be in keeping with the upbeat nature of the evenings musicality and sense of celebration.  We requested footage from Rays of Sunshine from previous charity works with celebrities like One Direction and Dynamo.  We also sourced some fun footage of TFS staff and shot a custom video intro with cards being passed across various departments at The Fragrance Shop, eventually landing with the CEO.  The video was also posted on YouTube, blogged and emailed to The Fragrance Shop's customers.

To hear more about how video can help with storytelling and building brand feel free to contact us.

GolfOnline + Callaway X-Hot + Joe Miller

Golf is one of the worlds most prestigious and popular sports, with leading brands, players and personalities having an inherent global reach through year round media coverage.  So when Callaway approached the one of the UK's leading golf retailers,, to exclusively launch their exciting X-Hot driver with long distance champion Joe Miller, we were called in to help tell the story.

We placed on our creative effort on blending the classic "features and benefits" pitch of the product with Joe Millers story whilst allowing GolfOnline to lead the narrative.  As a Guinness World Book of Records holder and Callaway figurehead, distance driver Joe could speak on both the hardware and a sensational way to use it.  The GolfOnline brand was also woven in by having one of their team members offer technical customer centric questions to Joe about himself and the product.

Part One:  Introducing all three brands

Production notes:

  1. The video has a fast moving pre-roll delivering the retailers brand first
  2. Opening line reinforced GolfOnline's slogan "Going that extra yard"
  3. Early part of the video establishes Joe's credibility and story
  4. Product promotion and Callaway's involvement clearly stated to respect the audience

Part Two:  Tips between golfers

Production notes:

  1. Established the feel of two golfers chatting as they would during a round of golf.
  2. Less emphasis on action, more on the pre-shot technique and advice
  3. Callaway brand more subtly carried through clothing logos

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The Fragrance Shop + Alesha Dixon + Rose Quartz

The Fragrance Shop (TFS), the UK's largest independent fragrance retailer with 160 stores nationwide, brought in the Creative Content Agency to help improve their social and content marketing.  We went straight to work, focusing TFS's launch of Alesha Dixon's debut fragrance "Rose Quartz".

With Alesha being a judge on Britain's Got Talent and a mainstream UK celebrity, her brand, like many fragrance brands, can easily overpower the brand of an independent retailer (many of which are known for discounting and price matching).  Therefore we wanted to ensure that the content raised the profile of the The Fragrance Shop alongside the product.

The Fragrance Shop had already produced some video content with Alesha at the Rose Quartz press launch.  We opted to reshoot this video at a later in-store appearance.  In this post, we show a "before and after" comparison, with our observations and production notes included for your reference.

Before (produced by The Fragrance Shop):

Here's exactly what we observed:

1) Too long before anything happens

The first 7 seconds of the video is a branded animation.  Some online viewers have patience for a short intro IF it is super engaging.  However, the focus should always be getting straight to the action in a world where viewers will just use the timeline to skip forward.

2) Poor production quality

Alesha Dixon's fans are used to seeing her at a TV production standard.  We felt the poor quality production was subtly reducing the perception of her brand, the products brand and especially the retailers brand.  In this case the lack of focus on the video lens and the lack of microphone for dedicated audio capture was a shortcoming.  It's just another reason for the viewer to switch off.

3)  Video flow disturbed and goes off brand

The questions show up in the form of animations, disturbing the flow of the interview.  Also with so much YouTube content being consumed on mobile, the font size of the questions can be challenging to read on small screens.

After (produced by Creative Content Agency):

Some of the changes we applied:

1)  Immediately gets straight into the content.  The video's purpose is written at the bottom of the video combined with a product image.  This is called a "custom lower third".

2)  Shot with a dedicated video camera, microphone and lighting.

3)  Retailer's brand and fragrance brand are reinforced through subtle cutaway shots of the store and the product.  This also keeps the video punchy.

4)  Clean, branded outro

We also took the opportunity in shoot some additional clips for micro-content, with Alesha talking about shedding her baby weight and working with Pharrell Williams.  This content was then blogged and sent out via email to drive web traffic.

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This website aims to take no more than five minutes of your time.